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The Billionaire Banker by Georgia Le Carre

The Billionaire Banker
By Georgia Le Carre
Published: November 1, 2013
Genre: Contemporary-Romance, New Adult

When Lana Bloom learns the devastating news that her mother is dying, she is faced with a terrible dilemma.  The one thing that can save her is the one thing she does not have.  For young and innocent Lana, the unthinkable becomes her only choice.
But when she walks through the door of that exclusive restaurant she has no idea of the seismic shift her life is about to take, for the highest bidder will not be the rich man she has accompanied. Fate drops her at the feet of the deeply mysterious and dazzlingly gorgeous American banker, Blake Law Barrington. Throbbing with raw masculinity and arrogance, this is a man who owns all that he pursues.
And now he wants her.
Lana cannot deny she is both intrigued and intoxicated by the world Blake inhabits and the smouldering passion he stirs in her body, but she is also fearful for this man is addictive, and right now she is very vulnerable. She knows she should focus only on the arrangement, but how can she…when he has opened a door that cannot be closed?

Rupert directs his astonished, vicious eyes at Lana’s. ‘You offered yourself to him too?’
Lana stares mutely at Rupert. His eyes move derisively, hatefully over her. She feels herself cringe.
‘Does he know how much you charge?’
‘Do you doubt I will be able to afford her?’ asks Blake.
Rupert shrivels the way a leech that has had salt thrown on it does. ‘This is why you invited me here, isn’t it?’
‘What a joke!’ he taunts, but his jibe lacks any real bite. ‘The great Barrington can’t find his own whore. He has to steal mine.’
‘I didn’t steal her,’ Blake notes reasonably. ‘I just offered to pay more.’
Rupert’s eyes bulge, bug-like. ‘She’s just a cheap bloody tart. I’ve just finger-fucked her out there,’ he taunts maliciously, jerking his dandruff-laden head in the direction of the door.
Lana feels Blake’s hand tighten around her waist. ‘Consider it an unearned freebie, then,’ he says quietly, but there is warning in the calm words. A warning that is not lost on Rupert. The air becomes tight with tension. Lana looks from one man to the other. It is like watching two lions fighting for supremacy. But her body knows which lion she wants to win this fight.
Rupert shrugs. He knows he’d be a fool to go against a Barrington. He has much to lose. ‘If you think I’m going to fight over her you’re mistaken. Have her.’
He turns on his heel and leaves.
Blake lets go of Lana. She realizes she is trembling. She leans against the desk, hating herself, but unable to stop—nothing is more important than the money—she asks, ‘Did you mean it about the money?’

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We're actually very excited that we had the chance to read this romance novel and now we get to share it with our followers.

The Billionaire Banker starts off with twenty year old Lana Bloom at a fancy high-end restaurant. She is ready to make a proposal to her boss an old and rich man, he is her last hope and only hope. With both her savings and credit cards maxed-out, Lana needs £50,000. Her mother is dying of cancer and she needs the money so she can fly her mother to the U.S. to receive treatment.

While making the proposal to Rupert, up walks the sexy mysterious guy that was eyeing her earlier across the restaurant. His name is Blake Barrington a 29 year old Banker about 6ft 2 with broad shoulders, a deep tan, smoldering stormy-grey eyes, a strong jaw, and sexy bed-head hair. He's hot, savage, fierce and looks like a brooding Abercrombie & Fitch model.

Blake introduces himself and invites the two to Lord Jakie's. Its a party thrown by the crème de la crème of high society. When they arrive Rupert sexually assaulted Lana before she went stumbling into the restroom humiliated, nauseated, and cried.

When Lana exited the restroom Blake was lounging casually against the wall of the corridor waiting for her. He leads her into the library and asks her what Rupert will get for his money and what she was offering the old man? Blake makes a proposition with Lana for double the pay and 3 months worth of her time.

Blake moved Lana into an expensive apartment where she is to live while she is seeing him. Their first night together Lana meets him at a private club where they have dinner and later they return back to the apartment. Blake gives her a box to change in to. Inside the box was some lace and silk. She puts on the Lingerie that was all-white with blue ribbons on the suspenders. When she returned to the bedroom Blake was shirtless and propped against the pillows on the bed. She stripped away the little sheer dress she had on for Blake. He couldn't handle it he had to have her only to find out in that moment after entering her that she was a virgin.

Their love story unfolds and reminds us a lot of Pretty Woman. Although, their love is base on an agreement, both Lana and Blake started falling for one another more than they had ever thought they would. When they finally realize things are too late.

This story was very addicting for us. Yes, we know the plot is very common, a billionaire falling in love with a normal woman. But that is not the reason why we admire the story. Like many great books we read, Georgia Le Carre did a wonderful job at entertaining us with such a lovable heroine and a drool-worthy hero. The book was well-written from beginning to the end & we were left with the biggest cliff-hanger! We are dying to know how things will go with Lana and Blake in their next book. We're so excited and we definitely don't want to wait till next January to read the next installment to The Billionaire Banker!

Meet Georgia

Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.
When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights. And often with the man of her dreams.

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